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pot or reflux still?
by: Roger on 07.Jun.2003 09:09:44
country: Guatemala city

What is the difference between these two still types, concerning flavour and qualitiy of the spirit?
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 RE: pot or reflux still?
by: Tom on 10.Jun.2003 14:41:11
country: L.A.

For so far as I know, are there huge differences:

With a reflux you'll get almost tasteless alcohol, whereas the typical pot still products are very tasteful.
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 RE: pot or reflux still?
by: George on 17.Jun.2003 13:34:12
country: marseille

That's right. I have a pot still and a reflux. You can use the reflux only for nearly tasteless alcohol and add essences and the end. With the pot still the flavour of the fruit comes into the destillat.
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 RE: pot or reflux still?
by: Piet on 11.Jun.2003 10:12:00
country: Holland

But don't forget to separate the foreshot. When using a pot still is the foreshot recognition a little bit tricky. With a reflux is this much easier. Everything beneath 79C steam temperature is foreshot.
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 RE: pot or reflux still?
by: Daniel G on 01.Dec.2010 16:42:58
country: US

Reflux still will give more control allow the separation of fluids of diffrent boiling points.
I use a reflux for rum. My rum is widely liked. I use my taste buds and a little experience that I gained in the first few years of distilling. I taste the output and decide what I want to keep and what to discard. You can use a reflux like a pot but you can't use a pot in reflux. it's to do with the curve at which you cut off your discarded fluids. You can make it steap with a reflux. gradual with a pot. Hope this helps. It's trial and error. If you like jack daniels. then store it with Oak.
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