Distilling schnapps with flavour

Dilute alcohol
Karnburglogo.gif This Austrian homepage about distilling schnapps contains everything about schnapps with flavour, from pot stills, seminars and books. There you find also a good discussion forum and a lot of recipes.
leoSW.gif This Austrian site about essential or ethereal oil tells you how to make the oil by yourself. You get there everything, from special stills for distilling oil, literature, a very good discussion forum, recipes and so on.
msmash.jpg A step by step guide for how to make your own still can be found at moonshine-still.
This site describes both types, pot stills and reflux stills.
kiwi.gif The Distiller-Homepage has great information for moonshiners, especially concerning reflux stills. How to build you own still, literature, ...
wokstill.jpg - 30 K This site shows you, that it is not necessary to have a professional still, also a wok is a good item for preparing schnapps with flavour. For more information click here or on the picture.
Cheerio Vik - happy brewing! Thank's for your URL.