Recipes for schnapps with flavour

Dilute alcohol
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    RE: Fig Moonshine? (matt, 04.May.2014 01:22:29)
    RE: banana spirit (Appalachian American, 24.Oct.2013 08:18:08)
    RE: Pear or Apple Schnapps (Ed Oshaben, 03.Oct.2013 15:39:30)
    RE: Pear or Apple Schnapps (newtoit, 10.Feb.2012 07:22:22)
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    RE: Pear or Apple Schnapps (Tc, 10.Oct.2011 05:47:56)
    RE: Hydrometer reading (Bob, 04.May.2011 09:31:24)
    RE: Mango Schnapps (Joseph, 02.Apr.2011 09:05:07)
    Hydrometer reading (Karl, 28.Mar.2011 13:08:14)
    StoneWalls Southern Whiskey (Phantom_SixZero, 23.Jan.2011 18:18:33)
    Sugar Wash (Phantom_SixZero, 23.Jan.2011 18:04:48)
    RE: Fig Moonshine? (elo tate, 16.Dec.2010 00:43:55)
    RE: Pear or Apple Schnapps (captain sorted, 04.Oct.2009 00:31:27)
    Mango Schnapps (Cyril, 14.Jun.2009 20:12:08)
    RE: plum schnapps (moonshine, 08.Dec.2008 20:57:01)
    RE: Pear or Apple Schnapps (Moonshine, 08.Dec.2008 20:39:01)
    RE: plum schnapps (erwin meister, 13.Oct.2008 09:29:09)
    RE: Plum and apple schnapps (dick bell, 26.Aug.2006 12:31:49)
    RE: peach schnapps (sheila desai, 20.May.2006 15:55:03)
    Pear or Apple Schnapps (Denise, 21.Mar.2006 04:13:10)
    RE: raspberry schnapps or spirit (Roberto, 20.Jul.2004 13:52:05)
    RE: raspberry schnapps or spirit (Bob, 20.Jul.2004 13:31:49)
    RE: Fig Moonshine? (Roberto, 06.May.2004 13:20:17)
    Fig Moonshine? (Charlie Anthony, 05.May.2004 19:52:14)
    Plum and apple schnapps (Ruth Ann Schmitt, 07.Oct.2003 16:37:15)
    RE: Grappa / Trester (Herbert, 18.Sep.2003 11:33:31)
    RE: cherry- kirsch (Herbert, 18.Sep.2003 11:24:16)
    cherry- kirsch (Dodo, 16.Jul.2003 13:16:42)
    Grappa / Trester (Jason, 10.Jul.2003 15:09:29)
    RE: Mango schnapps (Udo, 03.Jul.2003 14:58:13)
    peach schnapps (Katrin, 25.Jun.2003 16:25:24)
    Mango schnapps (Jim, 25.Jun.2003 16:21:24)
    RE: banana spirit (Sepp, 17.Jun.2003 13:31:29)
    RE: banana spirit (Andrew, 17.Jun.2003 13:29:07)
    RE: elderflower (Jon, 17.Jun.2003 13:27:33)
    raspberry schnapps or spirit (Roberto, 16.Jun.2003 15:00:28)
    RE: plum schnapps (ben, 11.Jun.2003 14:29:43)
    elderflower (Peter, 11.Jun.2003 09:58:23)
    banana spirit (Rudi, 10.Jun.2003 14:54:25)
    plum schnapps (john, 05.Jun.2003 15:16:00)
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